Salvatore Sanfilippo aka antirez

Hi, I'm Salvatore Sanfilippo, also known as antirez. I'm a computer programmer and work for Redis Labs. I'm from Sicily, Italy. My home town is Campobello di Licata, but I live near Catania.

My email address is
Unfortunately I receive many emails and I'm not able to reply to every single email, I understand this sounds rough, but otherwise I would not work. If you don't get a reply the first time please try to resend your message if it is important.

I regularly write on my blog at I use Twitter a lot, my account is @antirez. Lately I phlog on my Gopher hole at


I mainly write open source code. You can find most of my code at Github.
Currently my main project is Redis, and thanks to Redis Labs sponsoring the development of Redis, it is also my work. I'm also working to a distributed message queue called Disque.

Other open source projects I'm currently working to in the spare time are: Among other open source projects I started but no longer maintain there are: A few years ago I started a new side project called Disque, it is a distributed message queue currently under development but yet not released. You can read more about it in this blog post I did about Disque. Now Disque is going to be rewritten as a Redis module and it will be conceptually part of the Redis 6 release.


More than a decade ago I was active in the field of computer security, and invented a scanning technique that is called idle scan (implemented by nmap).

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My current gravatar is the following. It may contain hints about how I look like at times.

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