Salvatore Sanfilippo aka antirez

Hi, I'm Salvatore Sanfilippo, also known as antirez, an Italian computer programmer based in Catania. I was born on March 7h, 1977 in Campobello di Licata.
I spend most of my professional time writing code and fiction.

Salvatore Sanfilippo antirez

My email address is
I receive many emails: while I'm thankful, I'm not able to reply to every single one. I understand this sounds rough, but otherwise I would not work. If you don't get a reply the first time please try to resend your message if it is truly important.

My social channels

Sometimes I write on my blog at
I use Twitter, my account is @antirez.
I also have an Instagram account.
I post very often, in Italian language, on Facebook, especially regarding my life and my activity as a writer. You don't need to ask me to be friend, the account isopen and you can just follow me.
I constantly read (and often write comments) on Hacker News.

WOHPE (2022)

My first sci-fi novel, WOHPE, was published in Italy on July 15th, 2022 by Laurana Editore, and later translated in English by Bridget Pupillo.
The main themes are AI, climate change, programmers, the interaction between humanity and technology.

This is the book cover, designed by Simone Trovato Monastra.

Tales of Illustrious Computer Scientists (2013/2014)

In July 2023 I published the first short story that together with other similar short stories will compose my new book. I translated two with ChatGPT4, you can read the life of the fictional programmers Richard Andrew Fox and Iola Varga.


I mainly write open source code. You can find most of my code on Github.

The most notable piece of code I wrote is, likely, the Redis data structures server. My wife claims I wrote it mostly while sitting on the WC for the first years, on a MacBook Air 11. Would be nice to tell she is wrong, but she happens to be perfectly right about the matter. Yet, regardless of its not noble origins, Redis managed to become one of the most used system software in recent times. I designed, implemented and handled its community for 11 years, then I resigned to do other stuff.

Other software projects I'm happy I wrote:

Flipper Zero

I'm currently active in the Flipper Zero development community.


Starting from 1988, for a few years I was active in the field of computer security, invented a scanning technique called idle scan (implemented by nmap) and wrote the hping network security utiltiy.

Conferences slides

Starting from 2023 I'll upload here the slides I use when attending conferences.

Fundamental things I believe about society and life